Brigand’s Captives II: Search for the Treasure


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Broshu and his band of warriors were on the track of treasure, taking with them the women they captured when they raided a village, the Temple “Virgins” they took from the monastery where they found out about the treasure, and two man-hating female warriors they just picked up along the way. Of course, all the women were kept shackled or bound, and of course the women were used in whatever way the men pleased, and/or punished whether they deserved it or not.  What did you expect from a John Savage novel?

Published: 3 / 2013          No. words: 35,400EX1t

After dinner, Broshu announced that the women from the monastery would be available to any who wanted them.  All save for the golden haired one, of course.  Shara he took over to his bear skin sleeping mat and sat her down.  Willow came walking up and stood there looking at him and at the nearly naked, incredibly beautiful woman.  Both of them had their hands secured behind their backs, Willow with her shackles and Shara with rope.

Broshu looked up at Willow and could read her mind.  She did not want this other woman with her man!  He wanted to laugh with joy.  What better could life bring?  Two beautiful women to use as he wished, loyal men to follow him, and all of them on their way to find a treasure!

“Tonight, Willow, you will watch as I use my other woman,” he said, rubbing it in.

“I will not watch,” she said, trying to keep the anger out of her voice.  “I’ll let you have privacy.”

She turned as if to leave when a sharp order from Broshu halted her.  “Stay right there,” he commanded.

He walked around just outside the camp area, head turned to the ground.  Willow stared on in wonder.  What was he looking for?

Several times he reached down to pick up something.  She found out what it was when he came back.  He dropped a large handful of small, sharp rocks on the ground before her.

“Kneel there,” he told her.

Willow looked up at him in shock.  Kneel on those sharp rocks?  That would hurt.  She made no move to obey.

“Kneel or I’ll give you to the men for tonight.  Want that?”

Willow felt like crying.  She hated this man, no matter how good he was when he screwed her.  Slowly she lowered herself to the ground, grimacing as her knees came in contact with the hard rocks.

“Now you stay exactly like that,” he continued.  “And watch as I show how I can please this woman.”

Without waiting for any reply from her, he turned his attention to the golden haired one.  Easily he spread her legs apart and untied the cord on her loincloth.  Pushing her back onto her bound arms, he placed himself between her legs.  When he discarded his own clothing, she stared at his already erect rod, massive in its glory.

“You can’t put that inside me!” she cried out.  “It will not fit!”

“It can and will,” he told her, not bothering to remind her that it had fitted in there once before.  But instead of grabbing her hips and shoving it deep inside her, he played with her breasts for a while, stroked her flanks and even took her head in his hands and kissed her.  Instinct was too powerful for her to fight, or even to want to fight.  Her body responded as he knew it would to his touches and the sight of his maleness.  Her whines turned to moans of pleasure as her body heated up.  When he had the blunt end of his prick pressing against the entrance to her inner area, she was spreading her legs wide and moaning in invitation.  She trembled when she felt it pushing inside and forcing her flesh to accept it.

He went slowly, even though it was his urge to shove hard and deep.  As his massive rod slide farther and farther inside her, she was panting, her head turning from side to side.  She was, as he expected, moist and hot inside there.  And damned tight!

When he began pumping, slowly at first, but increasing in speed, she was thrusting her hips upward as if trying to force him as deep as possible inside her.  Between his grunting and her loud moaning, a bit of an audience had assembled.  A few of the men called out encouragement to him, but he did not hear them.  He had enough to occupy him and he did not need encouragement anyway.

Because he knew that granting the greatest pleasure possible for a woman made them feel strongly for a man, he forced himself to take his time to assure that Shara reached that wonderful moment when it seemed to her that her body exploded into flames.  When that happened, she thrust her hips up as hard and far as she could, her whole body trembling with the incredible overload of feeling.  Only after that happened did Broshu allow himself the same pleasure, although it always seemed to him that women felt it so much stronger, and longer, than men.

The show over, his men wandered away, seeking one of the available women.  Soon there were the sounds and sights of sexual intercourse all over the camp.  Naked bodies glowed warmly in the firelight, and panting and moaning were the only sounds.  The only women protesting were for former women warriors, Rawna and Leona, both of whom might never learn to like a man using their bodies.

Broshu turned to ask Willow if it had been a good show for her and found only a handful of rocks where his other woman had been kneeling.  Quickly he was on his feet.  She might have been shackled, but he had not yet put the chains on her ankles and she could walk away while everyone else was engaged in watching or doing.

He found Willow sitting on a fallen tree trunk not far off.  Glad that she had not tried to run away, he came up to her and tried to sound very pissed off.  “I told you to stay kneeling there.  You disobeyed.  Why?”

Willow did not answer.  The firelight was faint over there but he could see a few tearstains on her cheeks.  She did not have to answer for him to know that she could not stand to watch him fuck another woman.  Good!  That was fine with him.  All that hard work he had done in screwing her every night was paying off; she was becoming emotionally attached to him.  Maybe – eventually – he could leave the shackles off her.

Then he shook his head to clear it of such stupid ideas.  He could never trust her.  It might seem that she was feeling strong affection for him, but sometime, anytime, she might remember that he had slain her father with his own hand, and then she would slit his throat as he slept.

Picking her up from the trunk, he shook her shoulders.  “I do not like being disobeyed; not from my men, from my horse, or from one of my women.”  He made sure that the “one of” was emphasized.

Quickly he pulled down her pants, forced her to step out of them, and then tossed the pants aside.  From the waist down, she was now naked, that black triangle between her legs looking dark and mysterious.  But instead of throwing her on the ground and fucking her soundly, he sat on the trunk and pulled her down until she was lying over his knee, butt sticking up nicely.  He took her shackled hands in one of his and pulled them away from the nice, firm, smooth ass.  Then his other hand came down hard and fast.

The blow stung very much for his arm was powerful and his hand large.  He did not spare her; he used all the strength he could in that blow.  It hurt!  She could not help but to cry out loudly.

As he held her firmly down, he began a long and wicked spanking of that bare ass.  Spreading the blows around, he covered all of her twin globes until the skin was all a wonderful shade of red.  Her struggles and wiggling body, he quickly found, was having an effect upon him.  His manhood, so lately having done its job and withdrawn to a smaller size, was now enlarging again!  So he continued the paddling of that bare skin, accompanied by loud sobs from her.

When he could stand it no longer, he ceased the spanking and lifted her from his knee.  Before she could realize what was happening, she was being lowered onto his rigid prick as he sat there.  Quickly, that massive shaft was plunging deeply into her.  The fact that the tunnel there was hot and wet almost to the point of dripping, did not surprise him.  As she sat on his lap, he lifted then dropped her body, making, as it did, a good substitute for the normal pumping.  Lift, drop.  Lift, drop.  She wrapped her legs around his body.

Then came the second part of her punishment.  Making no attempt to stretch the act out, he came somewhat rapidly, shooting his seed into her and ramming her body down on his shaft.  Then he was out and finished for the second time in only a few minutes.

Willow, on the other hand, had just been approaching an orgasm of her own.  So close she was that she could feel the tingle coming.  Then he was out and she was dumped on the ground.  Twisting her hands around, she tried to touch herself, but the shackles held her wrists a little too close together to allow them to reach.  She moaned and wanted to pound the ground in frustration, but she could not even do that.  The sobbing that had begun from the burning pain on her ass, continued as an expression of the horrible frustration inside her heated, aroused body.



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