An Eternity In Pain


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Sadistic men will punish Jeannie in cruel and terrible ways, but Jeannie is no ordinary girl. She is under a curse imposed centuries before. She must wander from man to man, seeking those who will cause her pain and then revealing to each that, if the right conditions are fulfilled, she has the power to grant him up to three wishes.

Jeannie is driven not only by the curse, but also by her own intense desires. She will never age or die, and it may be that her suffering will last for eternity. She finds that there are women too who delight in abusing her…

Published: 10 / 2009     No. words: 36200

EX1tTurning to the bed, he emptied out a shopping bag.  “Look what I bought you!” he called cheerfully to her, lifting up a rubber ball with a leather strap through it.  “A real gag!  And here is a pair of nipple clamps.  The guy at the adult marital aids store said they can be screwed down as tightly as you want to give as much pain as you want.  Isn’t that nice?”  Oh, and here is a really nice goodie.  This belt goes around your waist. The strap here goes between your legs.  And see what’s attached inside that strap?  Right!  That’s a dildo to shove into you, and this smaller one is a butt plug.  You can guess where that goes.  These buckles let me put it on you as tightly as I want.”

He paused to stroke the phallus replica.  “I shouldn’t have bought this for you.  It is really showing too much kindness to a woman who cheated me out of a wish.  But I’m sure it will give you some pleasure during the hours when I’m gone and you’re tied up here.”

He laughed at his joke.  Little did he know that giving her pleasure when left along and bound tightly was exactly what that device would do.  Jeannie had been bound with one of those on her before, and found that by struggling she could obtain very nice orgasms.  She forced herself not to smile.

Leaving the new toys on the bed where she could see them, Marvin retreated to the kitchen where he opened a can of stew and heated it in the microwave.  Then he returned with a bowl of it and a spoon.

“Lunch time, little girl,” he told her cheerfully.  He knelt down again and offered her a spoon of the beef stew.  Rebellion filled her mind but she forced it down.  Basic survival came before revenge.  She opened her mouth and took the stew in.

It was obvious that his feeding her was neither an act of kindness, nor the act of a servant.  It was simply another way of showing her just how dependent she was on his kindness.  And how helpless she was.

She ate it as fast as he spooned it in.  She was hungry and, while not the best stew she had ever eaten, it was satisfying her hunger.

The meal over with, he informed her, “I’m going out again.  I’m talking to a real estate agent about buying a nice, big house  someplace where I can enjoy the good life and keep you my prisoner.”

For the first time since his return, she spoke.  “Please untie me.  My arms are numb.”  She did not add that her body ached in numerous places.  That would only please him.  But most men balk at the idea of actually doing damage to a woman, so telling him she was having circulation problems might get her into something more comfortable.

Marvin considered the statement.  He knew he had bound her very tightly, so her claim was not unreasonable.  He hefted the chain curving from the doorframe to her neck as if weighing it.  “I guess you will still have this to keep you secure.”

When he untied the rope holding her upright, she fell over flat on her breasts.  He found that amusing.  The ropes came off and left the usual red indentations in the flesh of her arms and legs.  He gave her freedom to use the bathroom and get the feeling back in her arms, knowing that the chain and padlocks still made her a prisoner.

When he had loaded his briefcase with gold coins and was ready to leave, he returned to the bedroom.  Jeannie was lying on the bed, looking very much like an exhausted woman, which she was.  Strange how just kneeling there totally bound can exhaust you as much as vigorous exercise.

Without a word he turned her over and locked a pair of handcuffs on her wrists.  Then the other pair on her ankles.  If that had been all, she would have been relatively comfortable for the rest of the day, but he added a little something extra to her restraints.

From his original purchase at the hardware store, he took another padlock, pulled her feet up behind her and used it to lock the handcuffs around her ankles to the handcuffs on her wrists, making it an all-steel hogtie.  He added the ball gag to keep her silent.  Stepping back to view his work, he was satisfied.  He especially liked the way this hogtie made the cuffs dig into the skin of her wrists and ankles.  No circulation problems this way, but she would not be too comfortable.  Then he left her for the rest of the day.


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