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This site is for adults only.  So, if you are below the legal age to view such material in your local, please leave.

This site contains adult, sexually orientated ebooks for sale.  These books are all written by John Savage, a man known in the 1980’s as the “Bondage Master.”  He has produced magazines, videos and written over 100 books, mostly ebooks but some available in hard copy.

These books are heavily laden with extreme rope bondage, discipline, sadistic acts such as whippings and other forms of torture.  There is also lots of lesbians, very masochistic women, and many forms of domination.  Not to mention forced slavery, spankings and extreme submission.  Oh, and a lot of sexual acts best hidden in the bedroom behind locked doors.  (Or in the dungeon!)  But, if you’re looking for wimpy, submissive men, you won’t find them here.  Well, except for a few wimps Susan Strict included in the books they co-authored.

There is a shopping cart to store your selections.  We can accept only Paypal for payment.  Please note that does not mean you have to have a Paypal account.  You may use most any credit card, debit card or bank account to pay as a guest without having to set up an account with Paypal.

Please wander around this site; you’re sure to find something that interests you in the over one hundred books here.  If you want sub-male fiction or other kinks, there is a great deal of that at

If you have any problems, please contact me via the “Contact John Savage” button  to the right.

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